9/29/2013    -    10/5/2013
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Oct 5

  * Cavs Men's Golf(away)
* Cavs Women's Golf(away)
* Cavs Women's Golf(away)
* Cavs Men's Golf(away)
* NSLS RADA fundraiser
* Graduation Applications due for Spring 2014
* Cavs Women's Golf(away)
    * WF: Mystery Mission Trip
* WF: Mystery Mission Trip
* Cavs Men's Cross Country(away)
* Cavs Women's Cross Country(away)
9:00am             9:00am» Residence halls close for Fall Break
10:00am 10:00am» Cavs Women's Tennis (home)
    10:00am» CSD/SDAB: Mini Stress Busters

1:00pm» "Don Quixote" Interest Meeting
1:00pm» GRK: TPA Breast Cancer Luncheon
1:00pm» IM: Shuffleboard
1:00pm» Pre-Professional Club Weekly Meeting
1:00pm» WF: Weekly Bible Study
    10:00am» Cavs Women's Tennis (home)
11:00am 11:00am» MOCM: Morning Worship
11:00am» BCM: Weekly Free Lunch
11:00am» CSD: Table Tuesdays
1:00pm   1:00pm» PHC: Weekly Meeting
1:00pm» CSD: Advice and A Slice program
1:00pm» SDP Mesa Hispana
1:00pm» SGA: Weekly Meeting
3:00pm 3:00pm» Concert Choir Performing with Symphony of the Mountains

4:00pm» CCM: Weekly Mass
  3:00pm» Cavs Women's Tennis (home)
    3:00pm» IM: Ultimate Frisbee registration deadline
4:00pm   4:30pm» Advice & A Slice pre-registration deadline
      4:00pm» Cavs Football (away)
5:00pm 5:00pm» IM: Cavs QB Skills Challenge
5:00pm» NRHH Nominations dues today
5:00pm» SAB: Weekly Meeting
5:00pm» INT: Punt, Pass, & Kick Contest

6:00pm» Cavs Volleyball (away)
  5:00pm» CEO: Weekly Meeting
6:00pm 6:00pm» MOCM: Evening Worship Service
  6:00pm» Environmental Club Weekly Meeting
6:00pm» IM: Shuffleboard
6:00pm» RHA: Meeting
6:00pm» SDP International Film Festival
7:00pm 7:00pm» AST: Weekly Meeting
7:00pm» WF: Worship & Supper Sundays
7:00pm» DFP: Weekly ZUMBA FITNESS® class
7:00pm» IM: "Air It Out" Field Goal Challenge
7:00pm» BCM: Weekly Bible Study
7:00pm» CCM: Gathering
7:00pm» NSLS: Speaker Live Broadcast (Kevin Bracy)
7:00pm» MOCM: Weekly Bible Study
7:00pm» Tupos: Worship Wednesdays
  7:00pm» Cavs Volleyball (away)
8:00pm   8:00pm» SAO Women's Bible Study & Worship Night
9:00pm   9:00pm» SAB Hypnotist: Chris Jones
  9:00pm» CP: Drinking & Driving Awareness program
9:00pm» HC: Weekly Meeting
9:00pm» SAB Band: "The Shadowboxers"
9:00pm» Tupos: Women's Bible Study
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