9/22/2013    -    9/28/2013
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Sep 22

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Sep 28

  * Student Leadership Retreat
* Alumni Art Show
* CSD/SDAB: Alcohol Awareness Pedal Carts
* Greek Life: AST Fish Pong Fundraiser
* Alumni Art Show
* CSD/SDAB: Alcohol Awareness Pedal Carts
* Highland Cavalier print edition available
* Alumni Art Show
* Alumni Art Show
  * Cavs Men's Golf(away)
* Cavs Women's Cross Country(away)
* Alumni Art Show
* Cavs Men's Cross Country(away)
9:00am             9:00am» Disaster Early Response Team (ERT) Training

12:00pm» SVEA Funtasia
12:30pm» Cavs Volleyball (home)

1:00pm» Alumni Leaders in Action (Alumni Event)

6:00pm» HOMECOMING:Cavs Football (home)
6:00pm» Marching Highland Cavaliers
10:00am       10:00am» SAO Teal Treats Bake Sale

1:00pm» Pre-Professional Club Weekly Meeting
1:00pm» WF: Weekly Bible Study
  10:00am» SAB Free Friday
11:00am 11:00am» MOCM: Morning Worship
11:00am» BCM: Weekly Free Lunch
11:00am» CSD: Table Tuesdays

1:00pm» Homecoming Week Free Popcorn
11:00am» Homecoming Week Ice Cream Social
11:00am» CSD/SDAB: Drinking & Driving Awareness Event
1:00pm   1:00pm» IM: 9-Ball Billiards
1:00pm» PHC: Weekly Meeting
  1:00pm» 'Degrees of Success' Alumni Career Panel
1:00pm» SGA: Weekly Meeting
3:00pm 3:00pm» IM: Disc Golf
4:00pm 4:00pm» CCM: Weekly Mass
4:00pm» Cavs Men's Tennis (away)
4:00pm» Cavs Women's Tennis (away)
  4:00pm» Spanish Club Interest Meeting
5:00pm   5:00pm» MCA Interest Meeting
5:00pm» SAB: Weekly Meeting
    5:00pm» CEO: Weekly Meeting
5:00pm» SGA Pep Rally & Silver Saber Competition
6:00pm 6:00pm» MOCM: Evening Worship Service
6:00pm» IM: 9-Ball Billiards
6:00pm» IM: Racquetball
6:00pm» Environmental Club Weekly Meeting
6:00pm» RHA: Meeting
6:30pm» Cavs Volleyball (home)
6:00pm» IM: 3x3 Wallyball
6:00pm» Reception - Alumni Art Show
7:00pm 7:00pm» AST: Weekly Meeting
7:00pm» WF: Worship & Supper Sundays
7:00pm» DFP: Weekly ZUMBA FITNESS® class
7:00pm» BCM: Weekly Bible Study
7:00pm» CCM: Gathering
7:00pm» MOCM: Weekly Bible Study
7:00pm» PSA: Panel Discussion on the Syrian Crisis & American Involvement
7:00pm» Tupos: Worship Wednesdays
7:00pm» CP: Domestic Violence program
7:00pm» Cavs Volleyball (home)
7:00pm» Gaming Club Weekly Meeting
8:00pm     8:00pm» SAB Movie Night
  8:00pm» SAB Movie Night
9:00pm       9:00pm» SAB Musician: Austin Renfroe
9:00pm» HC: Weekly Meeting
9:00pm» Tupos: Women's Bible Study
10:00pm             10:00pm» SGA: Homecoming Dance
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