3/24/2013    -    3/30/2013
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Mar 24

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Mar 26

Mar 27

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Mar 29

Mar 30

  * APCA
* MOCM Sunday Morning Worship Pickup
* Registration for Summer begins
* Cavs Women's Golf (away)
* Last Day to Drop
* Highland Cavalier print edition available
* INT 3-Point Contest / Slam Dunk Competition
* Last day to drop 2nd 7-weeks course
* NRHH Origami Owl Fundraiser
* CSD Healthy Eating RA Program
* HRL Sign Up Day
* NRHH Origami Owl Fundraiser
8:00am     8:00am» HRL Number Drawing Day

4:00pm» Cavs Tennis (away)

5:00pm» Couch to 5k Training Program

6:00pm» Cavs Softball (home)
8:00am» Housing Number Drawing Day

10:00am» CSD Smoking Cessation Program

1:00pm» Faculty Writing & Research Series Lecture
1:00pm» Pre-Professional Club Meeting
1:00pm» SGA Presidential Debate
1:00pm» SVTDC Getting Paid in the 21st Century program
1:00pm» TEP Interviews

4:00pm» CANCELLED - Cavs Baseball (away)
4:00pm» POSTPONED - Cavs Softball (home)

5:00pm» INT Softball Captain's Meeting
5:00pm» INT Sweet 16 Bracket Deadline

7:00pm» RHA Roommate Mixer
7:00pm» WF Wesley Players

9:00pm» Campus Police Res Hall program
  8:30am» SVTDC Intermediate PowerPoint training

10:00am» SAB Free Friday parfaits

1:00pm» SDP Mesa Hispana
1:00pm» SGA Weekly Meeting

2:00pm» CANCELLED - Cavs Softball (away)

4:00pm» Cavs Baseball (home)
4:30pm» Cavs Tennis (away)

8:00pm» "Lysistrata"
8:00pm» SAB Movie - 'Gangster Squad'

9:00pm» BCM Coffee House
11:00am 11:00am» Cavs Tennis (home)
11:00am» BCM Weekly Noonday Free Lunch
12:00pm   12:00pm» CANCELLED - Cavs Women's Tennis (home)
12:00pm» Cavs Baseball (home)
1:00pm       1:00pm» Cavs Softball (home)
2:00pm 2:00pm» "Lysistrata"
4:00pm 4:00pm» NSLS Super Speaker Re-Broadcasts (Rudy Giuliani & Brad Meltzer)
  4:00pm» CANCELLED - Cavs Men's Tennis (home)
5:00pm 5:00pm» INT Disc Golf
5:00pm» SAB Weekly Meeting
5:00pm» INT 4x4 Flag Football Captain's Meeting
6:00pm 6:30pm» Campus Police Res Hall program
6:00pm» NSLS Super Speaker Re-Broadcasts (Rudy Giuliani & Peter Bregman)
6:10pm» Reach Out for Riley Fundraiser Walk

7:00pm» WF Wesley Discipleship Group

8:00pm» "Lysistrata"
7:00pm 7:00pm» Alpha Sigma Tau Weekly Meeting
7:30pm» Eugene Jones & Chamber Paramount Players

8:00pm» Weekly ZUMBA FITNESS® class
7:00pm» BCM Weekly Bible Study
7:00pm» WF Exploring Christianity w/Free Meal
8:00pm   8:00pm» SAB Movie
8:00pm» "Lysistrata"
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