11/25/2012    -    12/1/2012
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Dec 1

  * Sunday School & Church Service Pickup
* Residence Halls open
* INT Xbox 360 Modern Warfare: Black Ops II
* INT Playstation 3 Modern Warfare: Black Ops II
* Highland Cavalier submission deadline
  * Ireland Study Abroad early application deadline
9:00am 9:00am» Residence halls open today
10:00am       10:00am» Theta Phi Alpha Fundraiser
11:00am   11:00am» BCM Home Cooked Lunch
  11:00am» Art Discussion Panel
12:00pm       12:00pm» Nursing Program TEAS Testing
12:00pm» Nursing Program TEAS Testing

1:00pm» Mesa Hispana
1:00pm» PBL Weekly Meetings
1:00pm» SGA Weekly Meeting
1:00pm» Tree Planting in Memory of Chancellor Prior
1:00pm       1:00pm» CSD Advice & A Slice
1:00pm» Interest Meeting for Women's Lacrosse
1:00pm» LGBTA Society Weekly Meeting
1:00pm» Pre-Professional Club Weekly Meeting
1:00pm» TEP Interviews
1:00pm» Undergraduate Research Presentations
2:00pm         2:00pm» Women's Basketball: UVa-Wise Cavaliers host Shawnee State University
4:00pm             4:00pm» Men's Basketball: UVa-Wise Cavaliers host Shawnee State University
5:00pm   5:00pm» SAB Weekly Meeting
5:00pm» SAB Weekly Meeting
5:00pm» WF "Vespers" with fellowship meal
5:00pm» Sigma Delta Pi Weekly Meeting
6:00pm   6:00pm» PO-PO Internet Dating RA Program
6:00pm» Women's Basketball: UVa-Wise Cavaliers vs. Concord College
6:00pm» International Film Festival
6:00pm» RHA Bi-Monthly Meeting
6:00pm» Senior Art Major Show Reception
6:00pm» Women's Basketball: UVa-Wise Cavaliers host University of Rio Grande
6:00pm» SVEA Annual Children's Christmas
7:00pm   7:30pm» UVa-Wise Jazz Ensemble Casual Concert
7:00pm» BCM Bible Study and Fellowship
7:00pm» Percussion Ensemble
7:00pm» Tupos Weekly Meeting
7:00pm» INT Texas Hold 'Em
7:00pm» SGA Lighting of Crockett Hall
7:00pm» WF "Koinonia"
8:00pm   8:00pm» Weekly ZUMBA FITNESS® class
  8:00pm» SAB Talent Show
8:00pm» LGBTA Speaker Event
8:00pm» Men's Basketball: UVa-Wise Cavaliers host University of Rio Grande
9:00pm           9:00pm» BCM Coffee House
10:00pm           10:00pm» SGA Holly Ball
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