CSD Advice & A Slice

Description: Career Services team is pleased to host Delores W. Smith, Treasurer of Wise County, as the featured speaker for February’s Advice and a Slice for UVa-Wise students. Pre-Registration is REQUIRED to plan the appropriate amount of pizza and drinks and is open through Thursday, February 21.

Advice and a Slice provides a relaxed forum in which students and speaker share free pizza and drinks. Speakers discuss the industry in which they work, as well as their college background. They are also encouraged to talk about how they moved into their career, how to gain experience and what a typical day on the job is like. Students are encouraged to ask questions.

Contact: Neva Bryan at 276-328-0126 or njd8r@uvawise.edu.
Location: SSC Dogwood Room
Date: Friday, 2/22/2013
Time: 1:00pm EST
Access: Public
Category: Student Development*
Created by: Student Life
Updated: Tuesday, 2/5/2013 11:14am EST